Do you have some memories that are truly joyous? Do they make you smile when you think of what happened? Or what about some memories that aren’t so pleasant? Do you also remember them and their effect on your life?

Big and small, happy and sad, all the milestones and special events in your life have helped shape you into the wonderful person that you are today. And not only that, but the events in your life provide fertile ground for writing your own memoir.

A memoir is a great way to preserve your stories and your legacy. However, if you’ve thought about writing your own memoir, chances are that you’ve also wondered what exactly you should write about. What should or could be included in your memoir?

Life Events

To get your creative juices flowing, here are 50 significant life events that you can use as inspiration for your own reflection and writing. I have grouped them into seven categories: school, family, work, life learning, hobbies, travel and history.

For all of these life events, try to remember and think about what happened, who was involved, where it happened, when it happened, why it happened and how. Not every event on this list will be applicable to you, but a good number of them will.

Just try to relax and enjoy your journey remembering many of the things you’ve done and experienced in this life. But take some notes if you can; it will help with your memoir writing later.


1. You attended school for the first time.

2. You made friends or a best friend at school.

3. You attended your favorite (or least favorite) class.

4. You got involved in a group or sport at school or after school.

5. You graduated from high school.

6. You graduated from college or university.

7. You took an important test.

Family, Friends and Relationships

8. You attended a significant family gathering.

9. You fought with a loved one or a family member.

10. You fell in love for the first time.

11. You met and fell in love with your future spouse.

12. You got engaged.

13. You got married.

14. You built a home life.

15. You had a baby, witnessed the birth of your child or adopted a child.

16. You added a pet to the family.

17. You got divorced.

18. You lost a loved one.